MacIntosh Laboratory

Welcome to the MacIntosh Lab

Our laboratory is interested in two different areas of research:
Part of the laboratory studies the interaction between plants and insects. In particular, we study how plants respond to insect attacks, and the mechanisms used by insects to avoid plant defenses and to take over plant metabolism.
We are also interested in the biological role of ribonucleases associated with the secretory pathway, in particular members of the RNase T2 family. We have described their housekeeping role in rRNA decay, and other functions related to plant defense 

Our current projects are:

- Characterization of the transcriptional and metabolic changes induced in soybean by the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines.

- Role of general stress responses in the interaction between plants and aphids.

- Identification of novel signaling pathways that control defense responses to insects and mechanical wounding in Arabidopsis and soybean.

- Role of RNase T2 enzymes in rRNA decay and the link between RNA decay and autophagy.
- Evolution of the RNase T2 family 
Recent News
>Melissa Hilwig is now an Assistant Professor at Robert Morris University

>Matthew Studham joined the laboratory of Dr. Erik Sonnhammer at Stockholm University, Sweden, as a postdoc

>Mariana Chiozza is now working as Breeder Jr in the Instituto de Agrobiotecnología Rosario (INDEAR), Argentina
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Gustavo MacIntosh
Assistant Professor
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